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Fencing in Mona Vale

When you move into a property, one of the first things you might consider is installing fencing in Mona Vale. There are a few distinct reasons why most property owners do this. It’s a way of demarcating the property’s boundary and it adds a certain amount of security too. If you have kids or pets, it’s a good way to ensure they don’t stray out of your property. In addition to this, fences add to the aesthetics of the property. While it’s a good idea to add a fence to your property, it’s important that you get an experienced contractor to handle the job.

We at Str8 Up Fencing are one of the front running companies in this space; we provide customised fencing solutions to residential and commercial customers. Over the years we have built a very solid reputation and created a distinct niche for ourselves. We know what it takes to provide our customers with the kind of fences that they would love to have on their property.

Types of fences we provide

We understand that every property owner has different ideas about how they want their property to look. It’s why we offer a variety offencing in Mona Vale such as:

  • Picket fencing
  • Colour bond fencing
  • Timber fencing
  • Aluminium fencing
  • Chain-wire fencing

In addition to this, we are also the pool fencing experts and have also constructed retaining walls for some of our customers. Once you have thefencing in Mona Vale in place, you would also want to have gates at the entry point. We have the ability and skill to provide very attractive and unique looking automatic gates based on the styling of the fencing and your home structure. We are the experts that focus on using high grade materials and workmanship.

What is probably more important is that we use our creativity and innovation to ensure that all the installations we build are a value-add in terms of functionality and appearance. While we maintain very high quality standards in our work, we also ensure that you get value for money and maintain very low pricing. Just as we create fences of different styling and design, these installations could be made from a variety of materials such as metal, aluminium, glass, timber colorbond steel or a combination of various materials too.

Guaranteed work

All our fencing in Mona Vale work is completed in line with Australian Standards and we offer a 5-year, iron clad warranty for our work. In case anything does go wrong, you can rest assured that we will tackle it to your 100% satisfaction, no questions asked.

We encourage you to visit the picture gallery on our site- it will give you a better idea about the type of fencing we can provide. For any more information about fencing in Mona Vale, simply call us at 1300 054 324 and speak with our experts about your requirements. You can request an online quote here.

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