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Pool Fencing in the Northern Beaches

Poolscape designs are now becoming a very important aspect of the overall landscaping concept. Most homeowners now ensure that their pool areas are as elaborately and carefully designed as the rest of the outdoor spaces on their property are. While there are a number of materials that can be used to build fences, most people now prefer glass as the primary material for Pool Fencing in the Northern Beaches. In some instances the fence design may incorporate glass and metal or wood or could be a combination of all three.

Str8 Up Fencing is one of the front-running companies in this field and we provide our customers with the kind of Pool Fencing in the Northern Beaches solutions that will add to the functionality, aesthetics and the value of their property. There are a number of reasons why customers choose to get glass fencing on their property:

  • Glass has an elegance that’s difficult to beat. It complements the look of traditionally designed spaces as well as those that lean on more modern designs. It has an appeal that most other materials are unable to match
  • Glass pool fencing makes the spaces look very spacious as it adds to the openness of the area. While it provides the necessary demarcation and safety (that other fences do), it still doesn’t seem obstructive in the manner that metal or timber do
  • The glass Pool Fencing in the Northern Beaches that we install is made of toughened glass and is very strong though that’s not necessarily how it looks
  • It provides the safety factor as small children cant climb over a glass fence- it has no footholds they could use to clamber over
  • Glass fences add a distinctive spaciousness to the area and gives you an unobstructed view of the landscaping
  • It’s a very durable material and is able to withstand climatic changes well
  • Glass is quite a low maintenance option and doesn’t need periodic polishing or painting like wood and metal do.

High grade, custom solutions

While all these are the distinct benefits of glass Pool Fencing in the Northern Beaches, you need to ensure that you hire the services of a reputed and experienced company that provides customised solutions. We know exactly what it takes to provide our customers the kind of fences that will add appeal to their property, be functional and long lasting to. We work in a very meticulous manner and use the best materials and workmanship.

Just as we pay attention to maintaining very high standards in our work, we maintain very low pricing. We encourage you to visit thepicture gallery on our site- it will give you a better idea about the type of fencing we can provide. For any more information about Pool Fencing in the Northern Beaches, simply call us at 1300 054 324 and speak with our experts about your requirements. You can request an online quote here.

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